Classroom from Cinderella to Princess…. How to transform an old and unusable classroom into one of the most beautiful and functional classrooms of the University of Bologna.We have been commissioned to set up the ALMA MATER Engineering Room 5C by creating the anti-seismic grandstand, the channeled study benches, raised floors, speakers’ stage with table and armchairs, internal and external stairs.The assignment given turnkey has allowed the University to have a unique coordination with certain prices and an obsessive attention to detail to give a turnkey furniture that responds fully to the expectations of the University.

In particular, the anti-seismic grandstand was conceived with very high resistance tubulars partly anchored to the ground with special plates and anchors and partly with adjustable feet in order to have everything perfectly level. connects to the walls precisely to free it from the walls in order to ensure the anti-seismicity of the room. The entire staircase was made with class 0 sulphate rods from the German company Knauf and then a very high impact resistance class 1 rubber floor was installed.

The grandstand was equipped with an internal staircase for inspection access, profiles in wood to cover the gap between the walls and the grandstand, anti-slip profiles from the stairs, protective balustrades for all the exit areas and the disabled station. 260 Study Benches Athenaeum Model in fire-retardant painted beech in class 1 with continuous fixed surface have been anchored to the grandstand and provision of electrical sockets in all places so that students can connect to the electricity grid with ease.

The Ateneo Study Bench is not only approved in Class 1 but is equipped with all the CAM certifications enslaved by a certified laboratory. The Athenaeum Study Bench is extremely robust and certified EN 12727 for its resistance and is the ideal product for the teaching classrooms of universities.For Professors, a special custom-made table in dove-gray painted wood has been created, ready for wiring and control equipment in the room. 4 Cron armchairs by Actiu, prestigious and ergonomic at the same time, complete the table. Behind the table, a tailor-made wall paneling painted in dove-gray color was created like the table that hides the electrical appliances and integrates the antique blackboard that the University has decided to keep.