Audia Italia’s Philosophy


All our products are tailored and hand made in Italy. We have a high quality and highly skilled network of expert suppliers operating within a small radius to our hub. This enables us to have a high level of quality control at each stage of production. Our company is ISO 9001 certified. View the document “Company Policy for Quality and the Environment”


Since the companies founding we have always sought to attain the highest environmental standards, possessing and  renewing ISO 14001 certification Further, we see the  products quality, and so longevity, as one of the most  positive contributory factors to environmental health. However, we also look to employ where possible, raw  materials that are recycled and so recyclable and the  products make up allows the product and its parts to be completely divisible for ease of recycling at the end of its life  cycle. Audia Italia aims at ecology and respects the minimum environmental criteria (CAM).


We see our clients as our partners, for the long term. Given the specific nature of projects and our partners’ needs, we are an extension of them and their ownprofessional team. Working as a team, we can draw on standard products, tailored versions or completely bespoke solutions to deliver something that is unique to each client in line with their brief. AUDIA is perfectly suited to realise both the simplest or most complex of products and projects. We can draw on a wealth of knowledge anddecades of experience and expertise. Being Italian, this is coupled with an artisan level of craft and a unique design sensitivity, emphasised in the prototyping stage of a project. This is only achieved through dedication and team work.


Our size makes us more streamlined and operationally more nimble. That structure makes us fast. Reducing our response times to all manner of technical aspects involved in projects. This allows us to stay one step ahead of the game with complex commercial projects. Our speed to market is another one of our strengths, in the high speed commercial fit out environment.