Since several years from now, we collaborate with MSC and Fincantieri in the project of their ships’ theatres. This is the time of the new MSC Seashore ship.

The new MSC flagship cruise, launched by Fincantieri on July 26, is the largest cruise ship ever built in Italy, in addition to this, it also boasts innovative technologies that allow to minimize the environmental impact and an advanced system air sanitization that ensures clean and safe air for passengers and crew.

The Seashore ship is leaving in August for its first travel through the Mediterranean sea, in October it will be moving to America for the winter season. Since the ship is destined to travel through the oceans of the American continent, MSC requested some special features for  the Madison Theatre’s seats.

In a view of comfort and hospitality, characteristics that have always enhanced the well-known cruise company, between the classic-sized armchairs, some larger armchairs had been added, in order to give better comfort to all the guests.

The armchairs, designed by Studio De Jorio in Genoa, have been designed with two different backrest heights and arranged in such a way to create an effect of movement within the room. The armchairs’ upholstery requires great strength and wear resistance, which is why eco-leathers and fabrics with high technical performance have been always chosen.

Another news for the Seashore cruise ship is the creation of a special cup holder incorporated into the armrest of each chair. The glass holder in nylon reinforced with fiberglass has been prototyped in Audia Italia and  projected to be injected in a single mould which guarantee extreme strength, a key feature for an object used almost 365 days per year.

See you on board!