After the update of the website (New Communication Project 2020/2021), Audia Italia landed also on social networks and, particularly, on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Communicate our reality, our work, our products to as many users as possible was in fact our goal that has been developed within this project in different aspects:

  • the linguistic aspect: the website has been developed not only in Italian, but also in French and English, two fundamental languages ​​to reach more users;
  • the English language has been also included in Instagram posts, given the internationality in our sector and to the users of the social network;
  • we published a corporate video either on our website and on YouTube channel which shows our identity in a simple way;

social media: today to grow and be appreciated directly and immediately it is essential to make your way through the typical contents of social networks: fast, simple and able to reach the attention and the interest of users.

On the new Instagram profile you will find our products, our projects (from the most recent to the old ones, that have been important achievements and important goals for us), and the story of our founding values. Our reality, alive and active, leads us to obtain different projects all over the world giving us the opportunity to tell you about new experiences, working methods, details and small curiosities.

On LinkedIn, a more institutional and work-related social network, our experience will linked to the presentation of our projects, with particular attention to the most recent, providing detailed information and stories of our business and events.

Hope to see you soon on our platforms!